Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cross Tattoos For Men - Symbols and Meaning of Each Kind

Cross tattoos for men are one of the top ten most popular tattoo designs worn by bearers. Among them are angels, flowers and zodiac. When choosing a permanent tattoo, you should always consider your beliefs and feelings. Make sure that whatever design you put on your skin, you seriously accept it for the rest of your life.

There are many designs of cross tattoos for men. The big question has always been which kind of cross tattoo should one get. Your decision of course, mainly depends on your belief and character. The cross is a symbolical shape to so many religious sectors, spiritual groups and other tribes. Well, I've narrowed the choices down to these four classifications of cross tattoos for men.

Christian or Catholic Cross Tattoos

The Christian design mainly symbolizes the bearer's faith. If you are looking for a design that can express your individuality, identity and most of all, your faith, then this kind of cross tattoo is for you. The wearer sees his body as a canvass where he can express his love for God and proclaim his faith and belief in Him.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

This certain design classification centers mainly on heritage more than faith. For the Irish, Scottish or Welsh and other Celts, this symbolizes their ethnicity. The complexity of the Celtic design mimics the elaborate interrelation of nature. The intricate weaves, spirals and mazes of their design showcases the cycle of life where there is no beginning and there is no end. It is a deep symbol for life and the seasons of nature.

Cross Moline Tattoos

Originally of English design, cross moline tattoos represent a time of knights, fair maidens, jousting tournaments, Renaissance period, slaying dragons, kings, queens and magic swords. The design of each cross was a way of identifying the combatants during battle when their faces are covered with iron masks and shields.

Gothic Cross Tattoo

More than a symbolic tattoo, the Gothic design represents pain, suffering and darkness. If you have a deeper understanding of the universe and if you find yourself out of place in the world because you feel different in a certain level, then this design can be very suitable for you. It is for someone who can truly relate to the dark side of life and is not afraid of living in it because he accepts it as it is - life.

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