Thursday, May 13, 2010

3D Tattoo Design Ideas

3D Tattoo Designs, 3D Tattoos, 3D Tattoo, and I blame that movie Avatar for this hub. I was at the cinema watchin Avatar, ya know with moi 3d glasses on and jeeez in one scene I actually thought the characters foot was in my face. Until I realised it was a teenagers foot who was sitting behind me. " Oi get yer damn foot out of my face you young bugger " I said nervously.

One of my fav 3d tattoos is this slinky back laden with butterflies, how I wish I was a butterfly collector !
butterflies 3d tattoos

His girlfriend told me go get stuffed and I looked at her, she was about 17, wearing a pink lyrca tracksuit, baseball cap, pregnant belly puffin a ciggy with a t-shirt sayin " You Wish "

Jeeez I have heard the old sayin havin a monkey on yer back but hell this is takin that sayin a bit too far !
monkey 3D Tattoo Design

Anyways I just ignored em and enjoyed the movie, twas such a sad ending, oopppps don't wanna spoil the endin for ya. Anyways today I have wat methinks is moi best Tattoo Hub yet, tis my Avatar Hub, tis my 3D Tattoo Designs and I brings ya like loads of cracking 3d tattoo designs plus a video at the end. Doncha just hate peeps that feed loads of popcorn into their faces at the cinema, like do they not eat at home.

Is this a spider or a bug, anyways I thought all females were big girls and hated spiders, " all females are big girls ya dipstick "
spider 3D Tattoo Design

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