Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Maybe it's because I'm good with makeup or lucked out having the right skin tone but it WORKED. Just follow the directions. It's simple! The product alone isn't going to magically cover your tattoo. You have to use the right technique, and they give you clear instructions.

Use some common sense, if you need to apply more, do so. Apply around the tattoo too.. and BLEND that area.. ON the tattoo it needs to be cakey, but the powdery stuff will keep it in place. If it's not exactly the right color you can add some colored powder you already have to adjust.

I used this on a BLACK tattoo on my wrist for my friend's wedding and it was amazing.. if you look close you can see there is some different texture to the area, but in pictures it looked like there was no difference to the area at all. I had a ribbon type thing I made to wear at the reception in case it ended up fading, but it lasted.

Covermark, the most trusted name in concealment cosmetics, offers the best way to temporarily and completely hide tattoos. Tames even the deepest, darkest design. Kit offers everything you need to tame tattoos, quickly, easily, painlessly, without anyone detecting they are there.

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