Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tattoo Designs For Lower Back

I really love this lower back tattoo as it has the two things I like, I am a keen butterfly collector and purple is my fav colour. Hands up if ya believe I collect butterflies, jeeez get real will ya !!
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - butterfly tattoos
OMG this is a work of pure art, I gotta say tis one of the best tats I have seen and trust me I have seen many a tat in my day. Best lower back tattoo in my eyes this one, isn't the female a fantastic creature !
Best lower back tattoo

Nice belt doncha think, Dohn this lower back tattoo is specially for you my friend, now put yer tongue back in lol, tis of course artistic, doncha think, jeeez she has some cheek ; )
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - butterfly color tattoos

Ok hands up if ya guessed this is a Buddha lower back tattoo. I really like this one as I collect Buddah ornaments as I believe they are lucky, that is actually true and I have bought loads on holidays !
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - Buddha lower back tattoo

The Tree of Life tattoo is nicely displayed in this lower back tattoo, I kinda like this tattoo, makes me want to branch out on my range of tattoos !
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - Tree of Life tattoo

Ok you my loyal readers have made me feel a bit guilty about the dragon tattoos so what about this stunning red dragon lower back tattoo. I deff love this one, something sexy about a dragon. " A sexy dragon, are you smokin weed? "
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - dragon tattoos

I always like to have a little faith and this lower back tattoo has 2 stars on either side of it to set it off. I like the plainess of this one, hell I just love the beauty of the female lower back.
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - little faith and stars tattoo

And to end our collection of tattoo designs for lower back is this cracking lotus flower tattoo, hands up if you girls wud get this tat on yer back. I wish now I had taken a photo of that redheads tattoo, maybe next time if the security guy isn't abo
Tattoo Designs For Lower Back - lotus flower tattoo

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