Saturday, May 15, 2010

scorpio symbol tribal tattoo

There is nothing more frightening than scorpions, which have the ability to kill with one sting. Scorpion tattoos are popular with people wanting to demonstrate one of two things; first, to be used as the zodiac symbol for Scorpio, or two, to demonstrate the toughness of an individual that is making the decision to have the scorpion tattoo tattooed on themselves.
scorpio symbol tribal tattoo in arm

Scorpion tattoos are often smaller than the size of the fist and placed on the arm and chest in men. These types of tattoos are most popular with men and can include the tattoo being an effective means of increasing the appearance of toughness within the community. After all, there is nothing scarier than a strong insect that can kill with one sting!

There are many pictures on the internet of scorpion tattoos which can be used as inspiration to design a tattoo and these should be taken advantage of when working with a tattoo artist.

scorpio symbol tribal tattoo

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