Sunday, May 16, 2010

aztec tribal tattoos

Many ancient cultures participated in the art form of tattooing. Everyone from the Maroi of Austallia to the Japanese and Ainu people. For many early tribal cultures tattooing was an art form that was infused with religion and rites of passage. The Aztecs were one of the many cultures that practiced the art of tattooing and in do so created a ton of beautiful aztec tribal tattoos ideas.

aztec tribal tattoos

today in our supposedly modernized society we no longer have strongly formed rites of passages. Yet the beautiful self expression and art forms of tattooing still exsist.

Of all of these ancient cultures and tribes the Aztec were among some ofthe most advanced. As with any advanced society or group of people there are highly developed and intricate art forms. The Aztec were no slouches when it came to art. There highly developed and beautiful art in both architecture, painting and tattooing has left a strong legacy and many beautiful symbols and stories that just beg for a tattoo.

aztec tribal tattoos

If you have been thinking about some type of tribal tattoo and you feel a strong connection for whatever reason with the Aztec people or culture then you will want to read on and learn more about aztec tribal tattoos and ideas. There are a ton of great pictures, galleries and ideas all to help inspire your next tattoo.

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